Podwysocki Sp. J. is a manufacturer of blouses, known under the SUNWEAR brand, offering high quality knitwear. The company was established in 2003 and since then we have gained the trust of numerous customers, both domestically and abroad. Our agencies operate in Russia, Ukraine, Latvia and Slovakia. Our customers are wholesale distributors, agents  and chains of shops. Having in mind the interest of our customers, we constantly focus on the end user. A woman, who decides to buy SUNWEAR blouse, chooses European style suitable for any occasion. That is why, it is our concern to allow each woman to find a product just for her, whether it is an everyday, sport or an evening blouse. The trust of our customers, which we gained through the years, is priceless for us, and at the same time it obliges us to keep up the effort to maintain the SUNWEAR brand associated with good taste and style, and to make women wearing our clothes feel more beautiful, more attractive and happier. In order to accomplish this vision, our design team prepares two collections spring/summer and autumn/winter, each time presenting unique, eye pleasing models. In order to meet expectations of our customers, we care about quality of raw materials, tailoring accessories and the make. We extend our line of products, introducing to each collection jackets, sweaters, bolero jackets and dresses. We offer our Partners, business conditions allowing them to work in safe and comfortable environment. While designing our products we take into account the characteristics of the local, as well as export market Being aware that they know best their own end consumers, we allow our main customers to select the colours and influence the shape of a collection. This system of cooperation ensures that our collections are well targeted. With regard to very specific models we manufacture limited series, which can be ordered with exclusive rights by our Partners. The SUNWEAR brand is a group of passionate professionals who work all year long for a common success – our and our customers.

We want to thank you for 10 years of cooperation and invite you to see our collection.